Watchdog Group Blasts Boehner for Scheduling Big Money Fundraising Event Instead of Negotiating Budget

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Boehner appearance at Stamford, CT fundraiser “unconscionable” if government shuts down

Group warns budget negotiators of both parties to finish their work, not raise money

Washington, D.C. -- Watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund blasted House Speaker John Boehner for his scheduled Saturday attendance at a Stamford, Connecticut fundraiser for the Connecticut Republican Party, and warned other political leaders involved in negotiations around the federal budget that they should cease fundraising during a potential government shutdown.

“It is unconscionable that John Boehner is planning to raise money from fat cats in one of America’s wealthiest cities this weekend while shirking his responsibility to negotiate a budget deal with Democrats,” said David Donnelly, national campaigns director for Public Campaign Action Fund. “Boehner’s priorities were already clear in his budget: put corporate special interests before everyday Americans. Now he’s proving it by planning to jet out of town to a special interest fundraiser instead of solving the budget standoff.”


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