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Pocket Change

Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) survived his recall election last night, buoyed by millions in contributions from the country’s wealthiest Americans. As Mother Jones points out, Walker outraised his opponent Tom Barrett by a 7:1 margin, or $30.5 million to $4 million. Two-thirds of Walker’s money came from out-of-state.

Campaign 2012: All Big Money, All the Time

While much of today's focus will center on the recall election in Wisconsin, the 2012 presidential race is sounding a familiar theme: money, money, money. Soon to be Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, is heading to Texas to raise campaign cash from his chief constiuency, millionaires and billionaires.

Josh Mandel Doesn't Like Lobbyists...Unless He's Raising Money From Them

Last Thursday, Ohio State Treasurer and U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel (R) “said he was a fresh face to national politics who would combat insiders and lobbyists that he thinks have hurt jobs and families in Ohio.”

Yesterday, though, his position on lobbyists and insiders was probably a bit more nuanced—he was raising money from them in Washington, D.C.

Watchdog: 2012 Election Spending Should Be Alarming to Americans of Every Stripe

Campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign released a statement in response to today’s Politico story on conservative groups planning to spend over $1 billion to buy the presidency and Congress.

25 Lobbyists Have Bundled Over $3 Million for Romney's Campaign

Four lobbyists bundled $130,260 in contributions for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in April, bringing to $3 million the contributions that registered lobbyists have bundled for the Romney campaign, according to Public Campaign Action Fund analysis of Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports.

The lobbyists bundling contributions for Romney in April include:

Mitt Romney: Bank of America Protesters Don't "Understand" How The Economy Works

I attended The Michigan Summit in Lansing today and got to listen to a Michigander talk about going to last week’s Bank of America protest in Charlotte. The man, probably in his early 50s, talked about how he struggled to pay his mortgage and how it felt to stand up to Bank of America president Brian Moynihan at a shareholder meeting.

Romney super PAC donor: Income inequality shows our "economy is working"

A $1 million donor to the super PAC backing presidential candidate Mitt Romney is writing a book that “aggressively argues that the enormous and growing income inequality in the United States is not a sign that the system is rigged. On the contrary, Conard writes, it is a sign that our economy is working. And if we had a little more of it, then everyone, particularly the 99 percent, would be better off."

Billionaires and 2012

Public Campaign Action Fund Communications Director Adam Smith appeared on Current TV's War Room with Jennifer Granholm last night to discuss billionaire-backed super PACs and the 2012 election. Smith was joined by Republic Report's Lee Fang.

Lobbyists Have Bundled Nearly $3 Million for Romney Campaign

While Mitt Romney has yet to release the full list of people “bundling” campaign contributions for his campaign like President Obama, he is required to disclose information about registered lobbyists that are helping to raise money for his campaign.

CEO of Closed Factory Mitt Romney Visited Is a Donor to His Campaign

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited an Ohio factory today, closed before President Obama took office, to criticize the president’s economic policies. The National Gypsum Company, a leading drywall manufacturer, owned the factory. Romney visited another closed Gypsum factory a few months ago in Tampa.