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Ralph Reed Concedes

It's official, Ralph Reed has ended his bid for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia.

Read the statement by David Donnelly, Director, Campaign Money Watch, below:

Here is the AP story.


Details of Volz Testimony

Volz sheds light on Abramoff's practice of identifying "champions" in government, then lavishing them with gifts to get favors for his clients. The Washington Post has more on his testimony, as well as a picture of those who participated in Abramoff's now-infamous 2002 golfing junket just before they took off for Scotland. Smile, boys.

Former Ney Staffer To Testify

Neil Volz, Ney's former chief of staff, is expected to provide testimony about the 2002 golfing trip organized by disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff for Ney, several of his aides, and Ralph Reed. Though he continues to assert his innocence, Ney is the subject of a criminal investigation and in the middle of a tough re-election battle. Reed meanwhile continues to see his campaign for Georgia's Lieutenant Governor seat dogged by his close relationship with Abramoff.

More Trouble For Reed

The mailing, sent out conservative Christians to get them to oppose a bill that would have made the U.S. commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands subject to federal wage and worker safety laws, was sent out by Reed's firm in 1999, the Washington Post reports.

Abramoff's Scotland junket

The trial of former Bush Administration official David Safavian raises lots of interesting questions for Rep. Bob Ney, Ralph Reed, and others, as former Ney chief of staff and government witness Neil Volz takes the stand. Here's just one example we're interested in:


More Ney Aides Subpoenaed

The Plain Dealer is reporting that Will Heaton, Rep. Bob Ney's current chief of staff, and Paul Vinovich, Ney's former aide with the House Administration Committee have been subpoenaed to appear as witnesses in connection with the Jack Abramoff bribery investigation.

Trial of Abramoff Associate Begins

David Safavian's trial on charges of lying and obstruction has begun. This is the first trial to open related to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff's influence-peddling scheme that could ensnare several members of Congress and has already seen indictments of former top aides to Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) and Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH).

Ethics Panel to Open Bribery Investigations

The House ethics committee, consumed by partisan bickering for the last sixteen months, will finally begin its probe of bribery charges against Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) and Rep.

Ralph Reed leads Georgia race, but has high negative ratings

The Abramoff scandals are taking their toll on Ralph Reed's race for Georgia lieutenant governor.


Recent polling in Georgia shows that Reed's viewed unfavorably by 45% of GOP voters, with 40% viewing him favorably. The good news for Reed is that he still leads his primaryopponent, State Senator Casey Cagle 42% to 36%, with still 22% undecided.

The Trouble With Golfing

The August 2004 golfing trip Jack Abramoff put together for himself, Rep. Bob Ney, his former chief of staff Neil Volz, David Safavian, and Ralph Reed may have been fun at the time but it's come back to haunt all five men big time.

Time takes a look at the dodgy circumstances around the trip, heavily supplemented by the Abramoff email records obtained by federal investigators that illuminate Abramoff's relationships with Reed, Volz and Safavian.