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White House Releases Abramoff Visit Records

The White House has released its visit records on lobbyist Jack Abramoff...but not really, as TPM Muckraker points out.

Tuesday Roundup

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on the lawsuit by the Democratic National Committee to obtain records of Ralph Reed's White House visits as part of a larger inquiry into those with close ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Volz Pleads Guilty

It's more bad news for Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH). His former chief of staff, Neil Volz, has pled guilty to one count of conspiracy in connection with his work while on Ney's staff, and his lobbying activities following. Volz worked for Ney until 2002, then went to work for Jack Abramoff. He faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Opinions on the Ethics Bill and More on DeLay

The weekend saw a raft of editorials weighing in on the ethics bill passed by the House last week. It's fair to say no one is particularly impressed.

Jack's Visits White House to be Detailed...Plus He Gets a Vacation

The Secret Service is going to turn over White House visitor logs showing when Jack Abramoff went to the White House, and whom he met while he was there, reports the AP. The agreement was made as part of the lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch after the agency refused to respond to its request under the federal Freeom of Information Act.


Abramoff and DeLay May Have New Hampshire Phone Jamming Connection

Democrats and Republicans have been going back and forth about a phone jamming scheme that GOP operatives conducted targeting a phone bank on behalf of Democratic New Hampshire Senatorial candidate Jeanne Shaheen back in 2002 (and as reported by Josh Marshall over at TalkingPointsMemo.com).


Long story short, the New Hampshire GOP was guilty and there have been convictions.


For Bob Ney, indictment or no indictment?

Last Fall, Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) and his former chief of staff Neil Volz each signed six month waivers on the statute of limitations on any potential crimes related to Jack Abramoff's purchase of SunCruz casinos. These six month waivers run out this weekend ran out last night at midnight.


Maybe they should have given him money

Today's Washington Post reports that Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC) is holding up a $10 million appropriation to purchase land in Pennsylvania to establish a memorial site to commemorate the heroic actions of passengers on board United Airlines Flight 93. Relatives of the passengers who perished in that flight after fighting terrorists for control of the airplane are in Washington today to lobby for the funding.


Pulitzers go to reporters who exposed political corruption

Congratulations are due to Jeff Smith, Susan Schmidt, and James Grimaldi of the Washington Post, Marcus Stern and colleagues at the San Diego Union-Tribune, and Jerry Kammer and colleagues at Copley News Service for winning Pulitzer Prizes today for their incredible reporting during 2005, the year of corruption. The Post trio won the Pulitzer for investigative journalism for their in depth muckraking of Jack Abramoff's web of corruption.

Another Day, More Abramoff Emails

Friday night the Justice Department released another treasure trove of emails, these involving exchanges between convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and David H. Safavian, then chief of staff and the General Services Administration. Safavian is being charged with lying to federal officials by not disclosing Abramoff's dealings with the agency.

The emails, reports The Washington Post: