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MUST READ: Rolling Stone Reporter Crashes Burns' Fundraiser as a Lobbyist

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi impersonated a lobbyist and gained entry into Sen. Conrad Burns' birthday fundraiser -- and then wrote about it!


Taibbi pretends he's the lobbyist for a Russian oil company wanting to drill for oil in the Grand Canyon. It's hilarious. You'll laugh, and then you'll cry when you think about the fact that this is how our democracy works. 

TX State Payments Halted to Lobby Firm With Ties to DeLay/Abramoff

The state comptroller halted payments to Cassidy & Associates, a firm hired by the state that has ties to Tom DeLay, reports the Houston Chronicle. Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayton began an audit of the firm after the paper reported that the firm, which employs Todd Boulanger, a former partner of disgraced lobbyist Abramoff, paid $7,600 for a reception for Tom DeLay’s ARMPAC within days of receiving its first payment of $15,000 from the state.

The Song Remains The Same

In light of the recent lobbying scandals involving super lobbyist Jack Abramoff and former Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham, you'd think that lobbyists on K Street would be shaking in their boots at the kinds of reform that Congress is proposing to restrict their access. Right?


DeLay Legal Woes Affecting Campaign

The Houston Chronicle has a story on how  DeLay's ties to Abramoff,  Scanlon, and his own  indictments are hanging over him like a black cloud and how the scandals are affecting his campaign to retain his TX-22 seat.


one of my closest and dearest friends, Jack Abramoff...

Check out Think Progress for a reality check on DeLay's friendship with Jack Abramoff. DeLay continues to try to distance himself, but his own words give him away again and again.

Hotline Running Snippets of Vanity Fair Interview With Abramoff

Courtesy of the DailyKos, the Hotline Blog is posting snippets of an interview with Jack Abramoff that will be printed in Vanity Fair. From the blog:

"According to the Vanity Fair article, Pres. Bush once teased Abramoff about his muscular build. 'What are you benching, buff guy?'"

Circle The Wagons: DeLay and Lampson Will Vie For Seat

DeLay was able to secure the GOP nod in TX-22 (he received 62% of the vote) but not by the margin expected from a sitting incumbent in a Republican leaning district. DeLay remains as vulnerable as people have been saying he is. Cal Jillson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, said:

"DeLay will have to capture two-thirds of the vote in order to claim he's out of trouble."

Abramoff to be sentenced in Florida fraud case March 29

Why is this important?

Well, to get a lighter sentence, Jack Abramoff has to show that he's cooperating with authorities. Abbe Lowell, his lawyer, says,

We will name names. We will provide the public with evidence of what is going on out there," Lowell said. "It seems to me that is not in the interest of law enforcement."

Get your popcorn. The caged bird is about to sing.

The Big Buy: Coming to a house party near you

A couple of Texas filmmakers have produced a movie called "The Big Buy: How Tom DeLay Stole Congress," and Robert Greenwald and his Brave New Films (Outfoxed, the Walmart movie, etc.) are on tap to promote and distribute it.

The New York Times writes it up in this morning's paper.

Happy 48th Birthday...

Jack Abramoff.