Alan Simpson

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OP-ED: Former Sen. Simpson Decries Special Interest Influence, Calls for Fair Elections

Former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.) has an op-ed today in Politico that bemoans the heavy influence wealthy special interests have in distorting our elections and policymaking, and once again calls for the Fair Elections Now Act as a remedy.

"Today, it is those well-funded, but narrowly construed, special interests that provide the lion’s share of campaign funds — and exercise undue influence in tax and spending matters as a result."

Big Money Mitch and the Love of Money

Due to a volatile stock market and the entire economy falling under the weight of a failing, unregulated mortgage industry, more Americans than ever believe wealthy interests have had their way in Washington for too long. Voters viscerally connect what’s wrong in Washington with campaign money.

Simpson Supports Public Financing

Former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-WY), who does work on behalf of Americans for Campaign Reform, was the subject of a brief "where are they now"-type article in National Journal this week in which he spoke about his desire to combat the corrupting influence of money in politics.

The piece is available only to subscribers, but below is the relevant excerpt:

Straight from the Senator's Mouth

The San Francisco Chronicle covers the visit of former Sens. Bill Bradley and Alan Simpson who are traveling the country drumming up support for public financing of congressional and presidential races and giving a candidates' perspective on the endless money chase that is the modern campaign.