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The New York Times reports about new subpoenas issued by Ronnie Earle to gather information about how DeLay and Blunt committee traded money in 2000 and 2002:

And then there were four

Roll Call reports that Rep. Steven LaTourette (R-OH) has decided to return campaign cash that he received from the indicted former Majority Leader. The Ohio Congressman has donated $13,000 to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

LaTourette has not commented publicly on the donation, but in a response to constituent/Democratic congressional candidate Palmer Peterson wrote:

The Fall of 2002

The Fall of 2002 must have been a busy time for Tom DeLay. Cruising to victory back home, DeLay was funnelling money to candidates around the country and around the state. He was at once trying to win Republican races through ARMPAC donations and expenditures in tight congressional contests, and to engineer a take-over of the Texas State Legislature. By all accounts, DeLay was successful.

Five races where ARMPAC spent soft money as hard, allegedly lists the following five races where DeLay's ARMPAC spent money out of its soft money account to influence congressional races:

FL-05, IN-02, IN-07, KS-02, and IA-05

For those of you keeping score at home, that's:

Explosive news...

AP has more explosive news to report -- DeLay's ARMPAC used corporate soft dollars to influence House races, including Indiana Congressman Chris Chocola's. Here's the lede:

*Ring* Is Your Refrigerator Running?

OK, so those aren't really the kind of anonymous calls that Samantha Levine writes up in today's Houston Chronicle, but an unknown group called "We The People" is making calls to voters in Republican congressional districts across the country.

Green Will "Likely Return" Recent DeLay Cash

Mark Green (R-WI), under intense sustained pressure from his constituents, has said he will "likely return" recent contributions from indicted former Majority Leader Tom DeLay's ARMPAC -- IF -- DeLay is convicted of a "serious crime."

But, The Wisconsin State Journal reports, "the amount in question would be $2,000, aide Mark Graul said last week, not the nearly $30,000 Green has received from DeLay over the course of his career."

"Trouble is Here"

The Campaign for America's Future put out a list of the 26 house members who have received $10,000 contributions from indicted former Republican Majoirty Leader Tom DeLay's ARMPAC since Jan. 2005.

“Looks like Rep. DeLay was trying to buy some insurance in case trouble came down the pike," said Deputy Director Ellen Miller. "Trouble is here."

DeLay Teaches Blunt

John B. Judis at The New Republic has a good piece on just how much Roy Blunt learned from Tom DeLay about money and politics:

"[Blunt]" owes his rise in the House to the Texas congressman. But he may also one day blame DeLay for his fall, because DeLay appears to have taught him not only how to count votes and woo lobbyists, but arguably how to play fast and loose with campaign finance ethics....

Holding on to the money

A number of recipients of the indicted former Majority Leader's ARMPAC contributions are refusing to give back money.