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Workable Solution

Everyone is chewing over the bundler problem -- both in terms of the influence they exert over, and the potential liability they can be to candidates. Some preach better background research on where the money is coming from and some, like the Hartford Courant, counsel more sweeping reform.

From the Courant:


Neither the First Nor the Last

The Helena Independent Record calls for mandatory disclosure of bundlers to presidential campaigns, noting that two high-profile bundlers, Jack Abramoff and Norman Hsu, have helped Montana candidates. Hsu, the felon-on-the-lam, gathered $4,750 for Montana Senator Jon Tester. Tester's predecessor, Conrad Burns, took $150,000 from Abramoff and his associates.

New White House for Sale

Public Citizen has launched the 2008 version of their very useful White House for Sale database tracking the big donation bundlers for each presidential candidate, and who among them are lobbyists. With bundlers playing a bigger role than ever before in this race, anticipated to cost at least $1 billion, this is a good tool to bookmark for connecting the dots between big donors, candidates, and policy priorities.