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More Trouble for Doolittle

Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA) who narrowly won re-election last month amid growing allegations of his ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, is writing a lot of checks to a law firm that handles campaign finance cases - $44,138 in all, and probably not the last of it.


Prop 89 on the Road

With just a week to go until Election Day the Yes on 89! team is taking a road trip to the campaign offices of some of the most corrupt politicians in California to stress the imporance of voting yes for Clean Elections in California.


Opportunity is Knocking

Two guest pieces today, one in the ContraCosta Times, the other in the Napa Valley Register urge voters to make sure Proposition 89, the Clean Elections initiative, does not get lost in the shuffle leading to election day.

Food that Fattens Your Wallet? Works for Pombo...

After last week's spinach scare, easing food safety restrictions is probably the last thing people want. But some people have paid a lot of money to get legislation passed...


Statement on Angelides

Public Campaign Action Fund has released a statement on California Gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides' endorsement of Proposition 89, the Clean Money and Fair Elections Initiative.


Here's what Angelides said about Proposition 89:


Clean Elections Protest in CA

It looks like California's Proposition 89 supporters will be taking advantage of a big-dollar fundraiser (and Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent dismissal of public financing) to stage a protest in support of Clean Elections.

CA Committee Suspends Clean Elections Hearings

CA: Committee Suspends Clean Elections Hearings in Senator’s Absence

Yesterday the California Senate Elections Committee abruptly suspended a hearing on AB 583, The California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, reportedly because Senator Gloria Romero (D) left the capitol.


Rep. Lewis to be Investigated in Corruption Probe

This story in the Los Angeles Times indicates federal prosecutors will begin a probe of Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA), chair of the House Appropriations Committee, and his relationship with lobbyist Bill Lowery who has been linked to disgraced former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

San Jose Mayor Wants To Show The City The Way To Clean Elections

The Mayor of San Jose, California, Ron Gonzales, has had enough with donor driven politics and has offered a proposal that would bring Clean Elections—or publicly funded campaigns—to his city. If implemented, elections in San Jose would be about voters, not donors.

In his press release, Mayor Gonzales said:

“This proposal will make sure that all candidates can have a level playing field, and that they focus on what voters need and want.”

How much does it cost to silence a member of Congress?