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What does the settlement mean?

I have been thinking about this a little more. Diversified Collection acknowledges in its settlement with the District Attorney’s office that its $50,000 contribution to TRMPAC was based on "false and misleading information provided by the fund-raiser that solicited the contribution." That corroborates that someone – probably one of the three DeLay associates already under indictment – broke the law.

Reading the Tea Leaves

The Dallas Morning News (registration required) has a small item today about Gregg Cox, the prosecutor in the District Attorney's office who is handling the DeLay-related case involving corporate contributions in Texas. It appears that Cox was set to open up a new private practice as a criminal defense attorney in October. He had even take out an ad in the Yellow Pages.

That Special Politician

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Merry X-Mas Tom Delay!

Potential New Ethics Charges Against DeLay

Newsweek published an article entitled "DeLay: More Cash—And More Questions." It seems that DeLay, in addition to cramming his war chests full of cash, has been filling his legal defense fund with "donations" from lobbyists (which, according to Public Citizen, is another violation of the House ethics rules but DeLay's office has already promised to return those).

More on DeLay and Prison Money

Per usual, American Progress Action Fund and its Progress Report has the lowdown on the CCA $100,000 gift to the foundation run by DeLay. Read it all here.