campaign finance

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Simply Backwards

Newt Gingrich has an interesting approach to widespread congressional scandal and voter dissatisfaction: roll back existing campaign finance reforms. His argument, defeatist at best, seems to suggest that since existing regulations haven't stemmed the tide of money, they should be overturned. What about pursuing an alternative that makes elections about more than Clean Elections?


What Will Change?

Time magazine's Massimo Calabresi speculates on the potential lobbying reforms that may come about when Democrats take control of Congress in January. Balancing campaign promises to clean up Washington against a newly favorable environment on the K Street lobbying corridor, what changes will Democrats bring?


More on the Money

The Center for Responsive Politics has released its estimates on the cost of campaigns for the 2006 elections. Overall, the big spenders were the big winners - among the decided House races the high spender was the winner 398 of 425 times. Among decided Senate races, it was 22 out of 32.


New York Loophole

The Brennan Center for Justice recently declared New York's campaign finance laws among the worst in the country and The New York Times offers a staggering example of why.