Charles Taylor

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Taylor Stops Blocking Funding For Memorial

As posted in our blog back on April 25, Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC) was making it his own personal mission to prevent funding to buy land for a September 11 memorial in Pennsylvania to honor those killed on Flight 93. His excuse? He was worried that enough private funding wouldn’t be raised and the government would have to foot the bill for the memorial.

Maybe they should have given him money

Today's Washington Post reports that Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC) is holding up a $10 million appropriation to purchase land in Pennsylvania to establish a memorial site to commemorate the heroic actions of passengers on board United Airlines Flight 93. Relatives of the passengers who perished in that flight after fighting terrorists for control of the airplane are in Washington today to lobby for the funding.


Abramoff Emails Show How Money Targeted to Republicans

We know how it works. We know that lobbyists use campaign contributions every day on Capitol Hill to secure legislative favors. But until we had Jack Abramoff and all his emails, did we ever have such an inside view?

AP reports that a series of emails show that "Abramoff's team repeatedly discussed donations as the reason Republican leaders should intervene for the Saginaw." Abramoff's team successfully sought money for the tribe to secure federal school building money.

Here's an email from Abramoff deputy Todd Boulanger: