Clean Elections pilot project

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They Want to be Contenders

Now that Governor Corzine has signed the bill re-upping New Jersey's Clean Elections pilot project, the race is on to see which three legislative districts will have a chance to participate. A group of Republican lawmakers are lobbying to have the 12th district included, predicting a competitive race and a good test of the system and it looks like several Democrats from the district are interested as well. Well, we like that kind of enthusiasm.



Clean Elections Law in New Jersey!

Our National Campaigns Director, David Donnelly, was fortunate to attend Governor John Corzine's signing of the bill reauthorizing and improving New Jersey's Clean Elections pilot program yesterday, read on for his pictures from the event! Three districts, as yet to be chosen, will have the Clean Elections option available this year.

Win in New Jersey

After a long fight, New Jersey's Senate has voted 23-7 to extend the state's Clean Elections pilot project for 2007. The bill, which passed the state Assembly easily, will next go to Governor Corzine, who is expected to sign it into law. New Jersey first tried this pilot project in 2005 and this year it's been upgraded with feedback from the first go-around. This is an important first step on the road to Clean Elections for all state legislative races, congrats New Jersey!