Clean Elections

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From Connecticut to Congress

Andy Sauer, executive director of Connecticut Common Cause and major player in the state's public financing victory last year asks in The Day whether this election season - with its $2.6 billion price tag and unprecendented barrage of negative attack ads - has convinced the people it's time for a change.


Sauer distills the real cost of the election to voters:


Not Your Classroom Democracy

David Donnelly, our national campaigns director, writes over at MyDD about visiting his son's class to talk about elections - and facing the difference between "classroom democracy" and the real power-brokering in Washington.


He writes:


Who has signed the pledge and is expected to win?

Below is a table of candidates for federal office who have signed the Voters First Pledge and, according to press reports, who are likely to win their elections or who are in toss-up elections. Please let us know of any mistakes or suggested additions to this list. (I should note that we understand support for these policies extends beyond those who responded to the pledge. Public Campaign Action Fund reserves the right to remove comments that advocate election or defeat of named candidates.)


Prop 89 on the Road

With just a week to go until Election Day the Yes on 89! team is taking a road trip to the campaign offices of some of the most corrupt politicians in California to stress the imporance of voting yes for Clean Elections in California.


Clean Elections for New York

New York's campaign donation limits are easily circumvented, rules regulating lobbying during an election year are few and far between, and incumbents hold tremendous advantage in the fundraising game: the state needs a Clean Elections law and the Albany Times-Union has published an editorial by Public Campaign's Executive Director, Nick Nyhart, explaining why.


Opportunity is Knocking

Two guest pieces today, one in the ContraCosta Times, the other in the Napa Valley Register urge voters to make sure Proposition 89, the Clean Elections initiative, does not get lost in the shuffle leading to election day.

Reform Works

On August 8th, the New York Times ran an op-ed arguing against efforts at campaign finance reform, claiming money is an inescapable political force.

Statement on Angelides

Public Campaign Action Fund has released a statement on California Gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides' endorsement of Proposition 89, the Clean Money and Fair Elections Initiative.


Here's what Angelides said about Proposition 89:


Angelides Endorses Proposition 89

California gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides (D) has announced he will endorse Proposition 89, the Clean Elections public financing initiative on the state's November ballot.

Campaign Finance & the Environment

California Secretary of State candidate Forest Hill makes the case to the California Chronicle that public financing of elections is key to sound environmental policy, lessening as it does the impact of wealthy industry on creation of public policy.