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Big Donors to Speaker Pelosi: Pass Fair Elections

The New York Times political blog, The Caucus, reports that big donors have wriiten a letter to Speaker Pelosi (D-Calif.) that says enough is enough - it's time to pass Fair Elections style campaign reform.


Voters demand response to Citizens United

While most of Washington is still digging out of this weekend's blizzard, Public Campaign Action Fund joined with Common Cause and Change Congress to release new polling today on the impact of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision and the Fair Elections Now Act.


The results aren't surprising - voters are disillusioned by Washington and think that special interests have too much influence on the policy making process.


Here are some key points:


Really Big Money Politics

The New York Times editorializes on the need to fix the presidential public financing system and urges that a public financing system be created for Congress as well.


"Mr. Obama made much of a promise to fix it, once elected. So, the time has come to fix it.


Sen. Richard Burr Named Fourth "Insurance Puppet"

Public Campaign Action Fund has named Sen. Richard Burr (D-N.C.) the latest "Insurance Puppet."


According to data compiled by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, Sen. Burr has received $274,586 in campaign contributions from the health insurance industry throughout his career.


For the full list of "insurance puppets," click here.

Public Campaign Action Fund Launches New Campaign To Expose "Insurance Puppets" in Congress

Public Campaign Action Fund has launched a new campaign to expose the "insurance puppets" in Congress, naming Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) the first "puppet," followed by Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.).


Be sure to follow the site each day to see who else is doing the bidding of the insurance industry in the battle over health care reform.


Go to to see who's next.


U.S. PIRG Report Shows Link Between Transportation Earmarks and Campaign Giving

A new report from U.S. PIRG looks at the connection between transportation earmarks and campaign contributions, as reported in the N.Y. Times.


The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorializes on Potential Influx of Corporate Money and Need for Fair Elections Now Act

Yesterday The Philadelphia Inquirer ran an editorial on the pending Supreme Court case that could allow a huge flow of corporate money into our elections and calls on Rep. Bob Brady (D-Pa.) to move forward with the Fair Elections Now Act.


PRESS RELEASE: Sen. Grassley Rakes in Health Care & Insurance Industry Campaign Cash

Public Campaign Action Fund issued a press release today showing that over the summer as health care reform legislation was being debated in Congress Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) raised huge sums from the health care and insurance industries.


PRESS RELEASE: Rep. Mike Rogers Delivers for Campaign Contributor UPS

The Public Campaign Action Fund issued a press release this afternoon on a story in USA Today that highlights the role Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) played in securing an earmark for mail carrier, UPS, a major campaign contributor.


New Public Campaign Action Fund Press Release Shows Huge Health Care Industry Lobbying Efforts in 3rd Quarter

The Public Campaign Action Fund issued a press release today showing that the largest 13 health insurers and their trade association spent $2.7 million per month in the 3rd quarter lobbying to fight off health care reform.