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What Makes a Candidate Competitive?

There has been a lot of national attention given to the Connecticut Senate race between Sen. Joe Lieberman, Democratic challenger Ned Lamont, and Republican challenger Arthur Schlessinger. Ken Dixon at The Connecticut Post, who highlights the signing of the Voters First Pledge by all candidates, examines the extent to which money has determined who can successfully challenge an incumbent.


Nick Nyhart in the Connecticut New London Day

Our own executive director, Nick Nyhart, has an op-ed in Sunday's New London Day, a Connecticut newspaper, on the need to strengthen that state's public financing of elections law. Read it here (free registration required). Then read more about our Connecticut campaign and how you can get involved.

Connecticut: Simmons and Courtney Spar Over Contributions

Political contributions are becoming a hot topic in a congressional race in Connecticut. Incumbent Rep. Simmons is dogging challenger Joe Courtney over contributions he received from Rep. Pelosi's PAC. Simmons is getting heat for the $39,000 that he took from DeLay over the years (and which he refuses to return). More on the story can be found at the Norwich Bulletin.

Connecticut Passes Full Public Financing of Elections

Here at the Daily DeLay we are used to writing about money and politics and ethics scandals. And no wonder, since Tom DeLay is our subject. Sometimes we write about other scandals, too, like Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham's recent resignation after pleading guilty on bribery charges from campaign donors, or lobbyist Jack Abramoff's shenanigans with Indian tribes, or Sen. Bill Frist's curious choices about when he decides to sell health care stock.

The Public Has Grown Weary

Jeffrey H. Birnbaum of The Washington Post published an analysis on the public's growing discontent of the coziness between big money lobbyists and our elected officials in Washington, DC. Birnbaum writes that corruption in Washington as a front page issue is cyclical (occurring roughly every 10 years) but the most recent scandals have driven the public’s distrust of Congress to a new low.

The Rest of the Picture...

The Hartford Courant's take on DeLay's smiley mug shot...

Serious business

The Day of New London, CT covers Rep. Rob Simmons statements to a ocal Chamber of Commerce regarding the Base Realignment and Closure commission (BRAC), the independent group that identifies military bases to be shut down and offers the list to Congress as an up-or-down vote. The hope is that the politics is, as much as possible, taken out of the decisions regarding the country's military bases.