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Common Cause has a great run-down, petition tops 15,000

Common Cause put out talking points and a great Q&A today on DeLay's scandals.

It's time for DeLay to go. Join us.

Tom DeLay is a national embarrassment. It's time for DeLay to resign from Congress.

Today, Public Campaign Action Fund is launching a new campaign to force Tom DeLay to step down. His corrupt pay-to-play politics, complete disregard for any ethics guidelines, and power hungry brand of partisanship all leads us -- and we hope you -- to demand his resignation.

The Story of the Day

From Mike Allen from the Washington Post:

DeLay Ethics Violations Now a Cause of GOP Concern

(Nobody is on top of the myriad of stories about DeLay's corrpution like Mike Allen.)

Few few paragraphs sum it up well:

DeLay reacts to TRMPAC trial

Tom DeLay, from just past the outer fringes of reality:

DeLay, R-Sugar Land, called the lawsuit "frivolous" during a Washington news conference.

"I'm not watching it (the trial) at all," DeLay said.


Jon over at Think Progress, the Center for American Progress and American Progress Action Fund's blog, has a great post on DeLay and his trips with corrupt Jack Abramoff.

Campaign for America's Future kicks off "Most Corrupt Congress Ever" campaign

Here's their opening salvo.

Interview with former Congressman Chris Bell on Ethics

Black Tie and Boots celebration for Westar and DeLay

Via Jonathan Salant of Bloomberg (thanks to a loyal reader for the tip), from a story about Inaugural parties:

Houston Chronicle Runs Donnelly Op-Ed!

Today, the Houston Chronicle ran an Op-Ed submitted by fellow DailyDelay blogger David Donnelly. The piece sums up the three key turning points that caused the GOP to backtrack and reverse the DeLay Rule (Full text is below). Click here to add your name to our email list to keep abreast of breaking new on the DeLay scandal.

Houston Chronicle
Jan. 5, 2005

What the House did yesterday and today

I have gotten a lot of email about how far Republicans in the House went in backtracking, so I wanted to clarify what they did and what they didn't do.

Most of the attention last night and today centered on Tom DeLay's stunning defeat when he was forced to reverse the DeLay Rule. We should be proud of the role we played in making that happen.