Council of State

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Having the Option

North Carolina faces an unusual problem with its ten Council of State positions. In addition to having a very high number of these regulatory positions chosen by election, low levels of voter interest in their elections means that campaign support comes largely from industries and interests that serve to benefit directly from Council of State decisions.

All In Agreement

The Winston-Salem Journal appears to be in agreement with the News & Observer when it comes to acknowledging that a public financing system is needed for the statewide Council of State races in North Carolina, arguing that candidates for these offices shouldn't take money from interests who do business with their offices, but don't have a choice unless a publi

On The Money

Should the State Treasurer of North Carolina take campaign contributions from firms he hires to manage assets in the state's pension fund? Should any state official be soliciting contributions from industries he or she does business with or exercises authority over? Those questions are at the root of The News and Observer's editorial in favor of public financing for statewide races so as to avoid this apparent conflicts of interest.