David Paterson

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Drop Something, Gov. Paterson?

Hey, we know it's hectic when you start a new job but it seems that in all the chaos of assuming office following Eliot Spitzer's rather hasty departure New York Governor David Paterson forgot his reform agenda. The New York Times reminds him what it looked like.

We've seen some rather mixed messages from the Governor. He supports Clean Elections, but seems reluctant to put his weight behind any significant legislation to alter business as usual in Albany:

Paterson's Positions

As David Paterson takes the oath of office to become New York's new Governor today, the Gotham Gazette takes a look at what New York might expect from him, including what his record has been on corruption, campaign finance reform, and public financing of campaigns.

In his time in the state Senate, Paterson was a leader on public financing and is expected to continue to pursue many of the reforms that made up Eliot Spitzer's platform for cleaning up Albany: