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Democratic Party Platform 2012: We Must Curb the Influence of Special Interests

The 2012 Democratic Party platform has been released. Here's the section on money in politics:

Deep-pocketed Donors Want Campaign Finance Reform

A group of Democratic donors is clamoring for campaign finance reform. The 58 donors, who have collectively given over $16 million in political contributions, sent an open letter to Democratic members of Congress calling for the Fair Elections Now Act. The letter was organized by Public Campaign Action Fund and can be found on their site by clicking here.

The CNN Politicalticker covers the story here.

Before the Clock Strikes Twelve

With their plan to make lobbying reform a priority once they take control of Congress, Democrats are looking to take advantage of a national mood that wants action on corruption, but before they get crazy with reform they're taking all the lobbyist money they can get their hands on, according to the Wall Street Journal. Is that like having one last piece of cake before you go on a diet?