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The Stumbling Block to Obama's Climate Commitment

President Obama’s unexpectedly strong comments on climate change during his inauguration speech—which the New York Times called “the most prominent policy vow of his second Inaugural Address”—have left many climate hawks and environmentalists excited for the prospects of action during his second term.

House GOP leadership to push giveaway for dirty energy donors

Next week, Republican House leadership plans to introduce a legislative bonanza of dirty energy giveaways that, as National Journal reported in an email yesterday, is “chiefly messaging, designed to generate campaign-ad-worthy talking points before it clears the House and dies in the Senate.”

It might be messaging for TV ads, but it also sends a message to the dirty energy interests filling their campaign coffers: we’ve got your back.

Lamborn Stands Up for Dirty Energy Donors

Maria Gunnoe, an award-winning anti-coal activist in West Virginia, testified before the House Committee on Natural Resources last week about the Obama administration and its contentious relationship with the coal industry.

As Mother Jones reports: