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The Fall of 2002

The Fall of 2002 must have been a busy time for Tom DeLay. Cruising to victory back home, DeLay was funnelling money to candidates around the country and around the state. He was at once trying to win Republican races through ARMPAC donations and expenditures in tight congressional contests, and to engineer a take-over of the Texas State Legislature. By all accounts, DeLay was successful.

Buy American?

There's more. Travis County Prosecutor Ronnie Earle has issued a third party subpeona for the records for DeLay's purchase or lease of a 2004 Toyota Sienna.

The attorney for the state has asked the Custodian of Records of Toyota Motor Credit Corp. to produce "purchase agreements, applications, receipts, check copies, trade-in information, down payment information, and all documents relating to issuance of credit by the lien holder."

You knew this was coming...

From AP:

Prosecutor subpoenas DeLay's phone records

WASHINGTON-- A Texas prosecutor subpoenaed telephone records for the home phone of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and his political campaign Thursday.

Also subpoenaed were phone records for two numbers for his daughter, Dani DeLay Ferro.

Special Interest Group Attempting to Taint DeLay Jury Pool

Public Campaign Action Fund Calls on Free Enterprise Fund to Pull Ads Immediately

Washington, DC – Public Campaign Action Fund, a non-partisan watchdog group, today called on the Free Enterprise Fund to immediately stop running television ads that amount to jury tampering.

DeLay Desperation

I'm still scratching my head about this move of DeLay's to try to subpoena Earle and members of the grand jury. Is it all just for the media coverage? It certainly doesn't look like a good legal move, or even a sound one.

Here's more from today's Houston Chronicle:

DeLay's defense made allegations of prosecutorial misconduct before the alleged misconduct

The big news tonight is the allegations of prosecutorial misconduct DeLay's lawyers have levied at District Attorney Ronnie Earle and their efforts to subpoena Earle regarding these allegations. The defense lawyers say Earle mistreated jurors who didn't indict DeLay (the infamous second grand jury).

DeLay's Lawyer Tries to Subpoena Earle


Lawyers for indicted Rep. Tom DeLay on Tuesday subpoenaed the prosecuting Texas district attorney in an effort to show he acted improperly with grand jurors.

The subpoena for Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle, filed in Austin, asked that the prosecutor and two of his assistants appear in court to explain their conduct.

DeLay's wild claims

The indicted former Majority Leader is making wild claims -- first about money that Ronnie Earle has received, and then about how groups like CREW and us, Public Campaign Action Fund, are coordinating.

And of course, we find this in the Washington Times. For the record, the accusations that Earle raised corporate contributions are baseless. Earle received contributions from partnerships, not corporations.

What did it buy?

Just been thinking...

We're all focused on the $190,000 laundered by DeLay, his associates, TRMPAC and the RNC, and the elections it bought, and the redistricting it led to, and the five additional GOP seats to help DeLay increase his power... Ronnie Earle has indicted the fundraisers and the corporate donors for breaking laws and undermining the democratic electoral process.

But what about the favors these corporate contributors received from the Texas Legislature?

Hastings: "Ethics Panel Won't Investigate DeLay"

Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA), chair of the stalled House Ethics Committee, has said that the committee will "not investigate a 15-month-old complaint about DeLay's role in alleged illegal campaign contributions in Texas" because such an investigation would duplicate Earle's work.

"We don't have the resources," he told the Yakima Herald Republic.