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Judge finds against DeLay's TRMPAC

From Texans for Public Justice:

Court Ruling Finds TRMPAC Violated Texas Campaign Laws

(Austin, TX) In the first civil lawsuit alleging misuse of corporate money in the Texas 2002 state elections to go to trial, Travis County District Judge Joseph Hart today ruled that Tom DeLay's Texas political committee, Texans for a Republican Majority (TRMPAC) violated Texas campaign law when it failed to disclose more than a half-million dollars in corporate contributions.

Drum beat got VERY LOUD: Wall Street Journal weighs in

Everyone has sent this to me today... so I thought I'd share it. I have excerpted a lot of it, instead of putting it all out there. (Don't want to run afoul of copyright laws. :-| ) The WSJ doesn't provide free access.

Smells Like Beltway
March 28, 2005; Page A16

Tipping Point?

The Austin American-Statesman asks if DeLay is reaching a tipping point for the GOP... (from OfftheKuff.com)


Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute had the best quotes of the 60 Minutes piece, in my humble opinion. (Apologies to colleague and friend Craig McDonald and Mr. Earle.)

From the transcript on the CBS website:

Would this be considered a technicality – a way to revolve around a definition of administrative?

Transcript. Now go watch.

The transcript of tonight's show on 60 Minutes, from CBS's website. After it's over, post a comment with what you thought...

Media Advisory

We just sent out this media advisory regarding tonight's 60 Minutes piece on Ronnie Earle and Tom DeLay.

UPDATE: Here's my quote:

Washington Post on Earle's 60 Minutes interview

Mike Allen and Sylvia Moreno of the Washington Post preview the 60 Minutes episode today entitled "The D.A. and Tom DeLay."

The key two paragraphs from my perspective:

Smoking Gun?

If there is a smoking gun in the civil trial with major implications for the criminal investigation (led by soon-to-be-famous Ronnie Earle), it's this description below, from tomorrow's Washington Post, of "trading money." Well, from where I sit, it looks more like "washing money."

60 Minutes to focus on Earle and DeLay Sunday

Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

From the CBS News website:

THE DA AND TOM DELAY - In Texas, a district attorney is investigating a political action committee linked to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who is a Republican. Is the DA on a political witch hunt or searching for the truth? Lesley Stahl reports.

NYT on civil trail and DeLay's warts

DeLay is in the New York Times today, too. Here are a fun few paragraphs about the criminal investigation led by Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle: