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New York Times Editorial to Cuomo: "top priority now should be to clean up Albany’s pay-to-play culture."

Shortly before Christmas, the New York Times editorialized on what the top priorities should be for Gov. Cuomo in 2012. Topping the list is an overhaul of the campaign finance system, specifically public financing of campaigns.

From the New York Times editorial: "Mr. Cuomo promised to root out corruption and clean up campaign money. It should top his to-do list for 2012."

How Many More Times Does This Have to Happen, New York?

Deja vu, anyone? Yet another in a long line of scandals has hit the New York State Assembly. This time it's Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. (again), who allegedly collected a $3,800 bribe from an undercover FBI agent at a fundraiser in Brooklyn, according to New York Capitol News.

Editorial Coverage of the McComish v. Bennett Supreme Court Decision

Newspapers from all over the country have been opining on Monday's Supreme Court decision in McComish v. Bennett that struck down one provision of some existing Clean Elections systems, while upholding the constitutionality of public financing programs in general.

Here's a round up of editorials so far:

Major Newspapers Editorialize on Looming Supreme Court Decision

With the pending U.S. Surpreme Court ruling in McComish v.

Strange Bedfellows: The Tea Party and Campaign Finance Reformers?

The Los Angeles Times editorialized today on how the Tea Party, and their advocates in the new Congress, should support campaign finance reform if they are true to their populist ideals and anti-special interest message.

Washington Post editorial: Maryland, where good government reforms go to die

The Washington Post has an editorial today on the Maryland General Assembly and the lack of action on good government reforms, despite a number of recent scandals.


"Only in the Maryland General Assembly, where reform legislation goes to
die, would so few be struck by the irony that bills to shine a light on
government and dampen the influence of special interests are killed more
or less in secret."


San Fransisco Chronicle Editorializes On Pending Supreme Court Case, The Fair Elections Now Act

Yesterday the San Fransisco Chronicle ran an editorial on the pending Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. FEC, it's potential impact on the flow of corporate cash into our elections and the push for the Fair Elections Now Act.


Baltimore Sun Editorial Urges Maryland General Assembly to Push Ahead with Clean Elections

The Baltimore Sun has an editorial today that urges Maryland lawmakers to push ahead with Clean Elections legislation next session despite an unfavorable court ruling in Connecticut.


"The bottom line is that nothing in Judge Underhill's opinion should deter the Maryland General Assembly from moving forward with reforms next year."


Baltimore Sun on Big Money and Health Care Reform

The Baltimore Sun has an editorial today on the battle in Congress over health care reform and the role that big money will play in the outcome. The editorial cites a recently released report by Common Cause.


Houston Chronicle endorses Campbell for TX-22 primary