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Tuesday News Round-up

Friends to the End?

Wes Allison of the St. Petersburg Times writes that Delay has spent a lot of money cultivating the kind of friends who’ll stand by you when your ethical shortcomings become a distraction from your work.

"He takes very good care of his members, he understands their needs, and then when he needs to get votes for an issue, he's got a lot of good will built up," said Rep. Tom Feeney, R-Oviedo.

Cincy Post has it right.

From the Cincinnati Post editorial board:

DeLay has insisted all along that he's the target of a conspiracy of liberal Democratic activists. Maybe so, but this week's version of that theory was just plain nutty.

Daily roundup

Dick Polman at the The Kansas City Star has an insightful piece about how the GOP faithful are rallying around their man, Tom DeLay, and what that means:

Bringing Tom DeLay Closer to God

Tom DeLay tells Fox News that a "left-wing syndicate" is out to get him...but he tells Fox News Radio that all the scrutiny over his ethics is bringing him "closer to God," reports Reuters, as does The New York Times, the Washington Post

News Round-up, Sunday, Part II, New York Times edition

The New York Times has three stories of note today, an editorial, a news piece of unrest in DeLay's district, and a Frank Rich column chock full of insight and great writing.

The editorial's key paragraph:

News Round-up, Sunday, Part I

This is the first of a few posts with stories from yesterday's and today's papers and wires. There are a few interesting pieces that I'll separate into other posts.

More handwriting

To quote an avid Daily DeLay reader, when Jerry Falwell's hometown newspaper turns on DeLay, he's pretty close to toast.

And the Detroit Free Press cautions Senators from acting on the request earlier this week that they defend DeLay.

Turning up the heat, member by member

This morning's New York Times story about the letter from 10 Republican ex-Representatives we helped to coordinate is accompanied by great local press regarding members of Congress feeling the heat.

Hartford Courant: Simmons and Johnson should join Shays' Rebellion

The Hartford Courant editorializes about Reps. Rob Simmons' and Nancy Johnson's response to their fellow delegation member, Rep. Chris Shays. The paper says Simmons and Johnson should join, not distance themselves from, Shays:

DeLay Clips Roundup

Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet notes that the "drip, drip, drip of negative stories" about Tom DeLay "dashes" any hope he had of succeeding Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) as Speaker of the House. The Boston Globe reports that Tom DeLay is becoming a liability for GOP members facing tight races.