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This is Your Life, Tom DeLay: Mass Transit Foe

Four years ago today, reported the Houston Chronicle, Tom DeLay denounced local environmental groups’ proposal to settle a clean air lawsuit if Houston-area officials would agree to promote mass transit and cut back on plans for new roads. At a luncheon before the Houston Club:

DeLay… said the settlement offer requires that "you will implement immediately a huge accelerated rail transit system that has nine corridors and costs at least $ 30 billion."

The paper pointed out that contrary to DeLay’s claim:

Drill this

Tom DeLay will be front and center in the push to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, now that the Senate has voted 51-49 yesterday in favor of the proposal. And no wonder: the Congressman has gotten $557,900 from oil and gas interests for his campaign funds since 1989 -- the top industry, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Tom DeLay, This is Your Life! Ten Years Ago Today...

We’re starting a new feature on the blog:

Tom DeLay, This is Your Life!

The Hubris!

Tom "The Hammer" DeLay, commenting on the opportunities for the Republicans this Congress in the Financial Times:

BUGS CEO gets award from DeLay, a former exterminator

I am not making this one up. Promise.