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Newsday Weighs in on House Ethics Committee Imbroglio

Today Newsday editorializes on the weakness of the House Ethics Committee:

Drum beat got VERY LOUD: Wall Street Journal weighs in

Everyone has sent this to me today... so I thought I'd share it. I have excerpted a lot of it, instead of putting it all out there. (Don't want to run afoul of copyright laws. :-| ) The WSJ doesn't provide free access.

Smells Like Beltway
March 28, 2005; Page A16

More editorials, news, and Media Matters pokes holes in GOP report

Editorials (registration required for all):

Sacramento Bee: "Showing his meddle"
San Diego Union-Tribune: "Disgraceful DeLay" (thanks to reader Eugene)
Charleston (WV) Gazette: "DeLay, Still More Allegations"


NYT Editorial: "Tom DeLay's Cri de Coeur"

DeLay = Gingrich?

"The recent swirl of ethics charges surrounding Rep. DeLay plays just about the same here in Texas as it does anywhere else outside the Beltway," writes Jonathan Gurwitz in a Wall Street Journal op-ed today, says's The Note:

Molly Ivins, on the money

I don't know how I missed this Molly Ivins column last week, but miss it I did. Even still, it's worth a read. Here are a few pitch-perfect paragraphs:

Editorial in Denver Post asks if DeLay is worth the "ethical stain"

The Denver Post ran an editorial over the weekend describing how convenient it was for DeLay to offer to sit down with members of the Ethics Committee after he had already evicerated the rules and replaced independent thinkings with yes-men.

The key passage, from my perspective:

Some additional stories, commentaries on DeLay

An op-ed from Bill Press warns GOP that a train wreck is coming unless they get behind the wheel of the ethics process.

Ron Reagan blogs about DeLay

Ron Reagan, son of the late president, blogged about his show (on which I appeared today). He was an ally.

Bush backs DeLay

It's incredible that he's even being asked. From Congress Daily:


Bush Lends DeLaySupport; Hastert Defends Rules Changes