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Money Can't Buy It

Despite analysis that her campaign is in "complete dissaray" Katherine Harris is still insisting she's going to win in her bid for Senate. Quite a hurdle with a history like hers.  She's taken illegal campaign contributions, tried to cover for it by packing her campaign warchest with $10 million of her own money - to say nothing of her disregard for Democratic principles in the 2000 election debacle.&n

Video of Katherine Harris's announcement

If you'd like to hear Katherine Harris in her own words and in her own, ahem, unique style, visit Crooks and Liars.

Tell Katherine Harris elections aren't for sale. Period.

We just sent this email (below the fold) out to our list of activists -- can you believe that Katherine Harris is trying to wash away her legacy with $10 million? Can you believe that she thinks people will forget that she abandoned the principle of oneperson, one vote in 2000? That  somehow spending $10 million makes it okay to have taken illegal campaign contributions. Our petition is here.