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After Taking Away Workers Rights, Wisconsin GOP Coming to Washington, D.C. for Corporate Lobbyist Payoff

Talking Points Memo has a story today on the corporate lobbyist fundraiser being held next week for the Wisconsin Republicans who just voted to strip state workers of their rights. The fundraiser is being hosted by The BGR Group, one of the largest corporate lobbyng firms in the country.

Mo Money

In an story on NPR today, newly elected Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), pictures on right, is featured in a story by Peter Overby about freshman fundraising and the lobbyists are already trying to buy access and influence with new members. Speaking of his fundraisers, Rep.

Putting lipstick on a fundraiser

Yesterday, we reported on the news that newly-elected Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick missed the official swearing in ceremony on Tuesday to go to what appeared to be a fundraiser. Of course, Fitzpatrick started a push back almost immediately. According to Roll Call (subscription required), "Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (Pa.) was attending a celebration in the Capitol Visitor Center with supporters that his campaign bused in from Pennsylvania.

I solemnly raise money

News broke today that two House members, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) and freshman Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), may not have actually been properly sworn in to the House yesterday. They were at the Capitol Visitors Center--and just holding up your right hand while watching it on TV may not do the trick.

Tea Party Caucus: Same ol' Washington, D.C. song and dance

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post reports that despite running against the Washington, D.C. establishment, newly-elected Tea Party favorites are already filling their staff's with lobbyists and cashing special interest campaign checks.  

"Outsiders" Embrace Beltway Fundraising Culture

The Washington Post reports on how many incoming Republicans, despite running anti-Washington D.C. campaigns, are embracing the fundraising culture inside the beltway. And Roll Call has a story on "outsider" Sen.-elect Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and how he's already courting big bucks from the very "insiders" he ran against.   


From the Washington Post story:


New members of Congress hit the ground running...rasing money

The Huffington Post has a story today highlighting how newly elected lawmakers are quickly learning what's important in Congress--fundraising.   


The real winners: big money

For partisans and pundits, last night's election results weren't unexpected. The more troubling story, though, is the very real impact record-breaking fundraising and spending will have on the next Congress.


Our political system is more squarely in the hands of big donors and special interests than ever before. 


In a memo released last night, we provided some of the key trends from this cycle:


Billion Dollar House in the News

Yesterday, Public Campaign Action Fund released a report projecting that House candidates, collectively, will raise and spend more than one billion dollars this election cycle--a record breaking statistic. With so much time raising money, the report asks, how much time is left for candidates to actually spend time talking with voters.

Of tweens, lobbyists, and campaign cash

We at Public Campaign Action Fund love a good concert as much as the next person, so we're not going to bash people for choosing to see Taylor Swift at the Verizon Center in DC tomorrow.


I was perusing the upcoming Congressional fundraisers over at and noticed that a few lobbyists and members of Congress will be in attendance--but for fundraisers. I have a feeling it's not the concert of choice for middle-aged members of Congress. Here's the list: