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Mitch McConnell and Health Care

Every year, health care costs rise while insurance companies work harder and harder to deny benefits and exclude those with pre-existing conditions from obtaining coverage. Kentucky residents are particularly hard-hit, with 14.9 percent now going without any health insurance at all, and 17.1 percent without a specific source of ongoing primary care.[1]

Healthy Dose of Reform

Deborah Burger, President of the California Nurses Association, knows as well as anyone the effects our current campaign finance system has on health care policy: while HMOs write checks up and down Capitol Hill, we watch insurance premiums spike and affordable health care move further and further out of the grasp of ordinary people. That's why she's excited by what the Fair Elections Now Act could mean for comprehensive healthcare reform.


"Too Much Texas Influence" in Iowa

James Berge of Kensett, Iowa writes to the Globe-Gazette that his representative in Congress, Tom Latham, has chosen to vote for the good of Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay and his state of Texas, rather than for the good of the people he serves in Iowa.

DeLay and Drug Companies: Best Friends Forever

"It's not hard to put a dollar figure on House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's importance to corporate America," write Bloomberg News' Michael Forsythe and Jonathan D. Salant. "For drug makers, his support is worth $13 billion; for petrochemical companies, it could be as much as $375 billion.

Maureen Dowd on DeLay

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd calls out DeLay:

DeLay, unhinged

Even if you're paranoid, they can still be out to get you.

DeLay, in his own words, to the Family Research Council on Friday, via TIME:

Medicaid funding, and a culture of money

Today the American Progress Action Fund's Progress Report points out that Tom DeLay has taken every opportunity to vote to slash Medicaid funding—which has paid for Terri Schiavo’s care:

Quid. Pro. Quo. T-Minus 13 Days and Counting

The Daily DeLay: T-Minus 13 Days and Counting
DeLay offered quid pro quo endorsement to son of Rep. Nick Smith in exchange for Smith’s vote on Medicare.

Earlier this month, Tom DeLay was reprimanded, rebuked, admonished, etc. by the House Ethics Committee for offering a political favor to Congressman Nick Smith (R-MI) in exchange for his support for Bush's Medicare plan.

The Ethics Committee wrote: