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DeLay losing it at home

The Houston Chronicle conducted a Wednesday to Friday poll of 501 voters in DeLay's district. Here are the highlights:

WSJ Speaks, Hometown Paper Listens

When the Wall Street Journal speaks, the Houston Chronicle listens. In a news piece today, reporters Michael Hedges and Samantha Levine note that the critical WSJ editorial "took dead aim at [DeLay's] ethical conduct." They also point to stories that DeLay and his family decided to end life support for his father as potentially damaging, since it makes him look opportunistic in grabbing onto the Terri Schiavo case.

DeLay = Gingrich?

"The recent swirl of ethics charges surrounding Rep. DeLay plays just about the same here in Texas as it does anywhere else outside the Beltway," writes Jonathan Gurwitz in a Wall Street Journal op-ed today, says ABC.com's The Note:

Coincidence...maybe not.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Hance Scarborough Woodward & Weisbart LLP, the law firm that is defending TRMPAC in its civil case in Texas, also happens to be the firm of choice for former Abramoff client the Louisiana Coushattas. Partner Terry Scarborough is representing TRMPAC while former US Representative Kent Hance has taken on the Coushattas--after they dumped Abramoff and since the U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee launched public hearings.

News on DeLay is everywhere

The Daily DeLay will try to be your one-stop shopping for news on Tom DeLay.

There's a lot of it. If we've missed something, post a comment with the URL. But with the volume of stories, some of our news posts will have fewer quotes and a lot little less analysis...

To get everyone up to speed, here are some links:

"Yes I raised money for them."

The Houston Chronicle also covers the DeLay reaction to the subpoenaed emails that surfaced in yesterday's New York Times story.

There are a handful of interesting things here, which should be picked up by enterprising journalists.

The first is these quotes from DeLay:

Tom DeLay, This is Your Life! Ten Years Ago Today...

We’re starting a new feature on the blog:

Tom DeLay, This is Your Life!

Civil Trial on DeLay's TRMPAC, Day One

Day Two may be more interesting, but here is the key facts from Day One in the TRMPAC civil case, as summarized by R.G. Ratcliffe of the Houston Chronicle:

More on civil trial

Austin American-Statesman (registration)

AP (DMN, registration)

Houston Chronicle

Off the Kuff

Gingrich Warns DeLay About Ethics

Interesting column by Cragg Hines in today's Houston Chronicle entitled "If Newt is warning DeLay about ethics, times are bad."