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Morning round-up on DeLay Rule reversal

Lots of newspapers front-page the DeLay Rule Reversal, including the New York Times, Washington Post, and DeLay's hometown Houston Chronicle. Here are key excerpts from those papers and more:

NY Times:


There have been four developing story lines over the past week or so:

1) Sears Roebuck & Co. turning state's witness in the DeLay-related corporate fundraising investigation.

Houston Chronicle Explains Win-Win for DeLay

An editorial in the Houston Chronicle hits the nail on the head regarding the irony of DeLay negotiating an agreement on a local issue in his district. And they explain well exactly what I have been thinking on it.

Our ad in the Houston Press today

TAKE ACTION: Demand a Recorded Vote on the DeLay Rule

Here is our half page ad in the Houston Press. (The Houston Chronicle insisted on some changes we were not willing to make in the ad in order to run it.)

Monday morning loose ends

It is early in the week to have loose ends, so I wanted to make sure I tied them all up -- there were a few news items from last week and over the weekend to note. Here goes:

Watchdogging the Ethics Process

Breaking News: Indictment Dropped Against Company In Exchange For Cooperation!

The Houston Chronicle (registration required) reported that Travis County prosecutors have announced that charges against Diversified Collection Services, Inc., one of the eight companies indicted for making illegal political contributions to a PAC run by DeLay, have been dropped in exchange for their testimony against other defendants.

Irony just doesn’t begin to capture it

Okay, you’re Tom DeLay and you have pretty good reason to believe you’re under investigation for raising illegal corporate contributions. Three of your associates have been indicted for raising money for a state Political Action Committee modeled after your national PAC, and eight corporation have been indicted for giving the contributions. Lots of people have spilled a lot of ink on whether you will be indicted and, if so, when.

News Round Up: Time for Letters to the Editor!

There are stories all over the national media about the DeLay rule change, and I suspect that local dailies are carrying the Associated Press or other wire stories. I will post some talking points for letters to the editor, and a helpful link that allows you to submit letters to the editor on-line.

Here are some of the stories I scanned that I thought were insightful and good (some news, some editorial). If you have seen some, post your own.

Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet

Carl Hulse of the New York Times penned an article a few days back about DeLay. Here's how it starts:

As the House majority leader, Tom DeLay, celebrated his election victory in Texas Tuesday night, the theme song playing in the background had been selected by his aides to send a message: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."

I guess our work and the ethics committee charges did not go unnoticed.

DeLay's friends from Westar are in trouble

I could have mentioned all this additonal Westar scandal in the Daily DeLay a few days back, but I thought it was just too much... But then along comes the New York Times to sum it all up.

The choice quote, from our perspective: