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Mitch Daniels: Unlimited Money, Not Protests

The administration of Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) announced late last week that it would limit the ability of citizens to make their voices heard in the state house.

The new policy will limit the number of people allowed in the state house at any one time, something that appears to be aimed solely at cracking down on possible protests as the legislature gears up to pass anti-worker legislation in the coming months.

It's The Bill That They Adore

The Post-Tribune in Gary, Indiana joins the growing list of newspapers expressing support for the Fair Elections Now Act introduced last week in the Senate. They conclude that by raising the profile of voters in elections and reducing the influence of special interest money: "The proposal would go a long way toward eliminating the Jack Abramoffs of the world and take the constraints off congressmen who feel indebted to their financiers."

Two Places At Once: PA and IN Get Visits From Bush Today

A few more stories on the Bush White House’s cross country fundraising efforts on behalf of congressional candidates in tight races.