John Edwards

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Going Halfway

The Politico raises an eyebrow at presidential candidates Barack Obama and John Edwards' claims to not take contributions from federal lobbyists, asking how far this prohibition extends -- just to lobbyists? To employees of lobbying firms? The whole article really illustrates the futility of hairsplitting when it comes to talking about money's influence on elections: either we get big money out or we don't. Anything else feels equivocal.

Edwards Reiterates Support

At a campaign stop in Montclair, New Jersey presidential candidate John Edwards (D) reiterated his support for public financing of elections.

From the Montclair Times:

Former Sen. Edwards Calls For Publicly Financed Elections

This past Friday, former Senator and current presidential candidate John Edwards called for public financing of all elections during an interview on Real Time With Bill Maher. Click here to download and watch the clip (2.5 MB).