John McCain

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Marianas Reunion

Jack Abramoff hasn't been around Washington, DC much lately but his extensive legacy of corruption just keeps on giving. TPM Muckraker is going after the story on the McCain fundraiser, Juan Carlos Benitez, with ties to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Looks like Benitez helped Abramoff out when he was lobbying on behalf of the Northern Marianas Islands and their infamous sweatshops.

Making a List, Checking it Twice

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) values his reputation as a reformer and Sen. Barack Obama (D) has boasted about the transparency of his campaign but the New York Times is a little disappointed in both of their efforts on the donor/bundler disclosure front. After a nudge from the paper the Obama campaign updated its publicly available list of bundlers but should they need hounding from the press?

One Change Missing

Sen. John McCain authors this piece for Newsweek entitled "How to Clean Up The Mess" about addressing Americans' distrust in the electoral process and belief that special interests control Washington. Interestingly enough, in three pages of proposed reforms he doesn't mention public financing of elections.

A Beautiful Friendship

The Washington Post examines Rick Davis' vital role in Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign, and his history with the Senator which they describe as a "relationship [. .

Filling With Hot Water

Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly has articles in the Huffington Post and the Minneapolis Star Tribune discussing John McCain's lobbyist woes, an the reignited controversy over McCain's involvement in the awarding of a lucrative Air Force contract to European-owned Airbus over Boeing.


Big, Bad Oil

Experts will tell you that it would be years before American consumers would seen any benefit from the proposed offshore oil drilling President Bush is attempting to push through Congress. So why is Senator John McCain (R) pushing the idea on the campaign trail as a solution to rising gas prices? ThinkProgress speculates on McCain's change of heart -- and the money he's taking in from the oil and gas industry.

Revenue for the Reformer

As Senators Barack Obama and John McCain head out on the fundraising trail as their parties presumptive nominees for President, the Washington Post wonders how the two, who have each exerted considerable effort to frame themselves as reformers out to change the way campaigns are financed, go about navigating the big money game in their race for the White House.

One way to shore up the change-agent image would be to endorse full public financing of elections for all federal campaigns -- something Obama has done, but McCain has not. What else are they doing?

Lolly Gagging

More bad news for Sen. John McCain on the lobbyist front: ThinkProgress expands on the MSNBC report that former Sen. Phil Gramm, one of McCain's economic advisors, was lobbying for a bank during hearings on bills to address the mortgage crisis at the same time he was advising McCain on the very issue.

The Money Matters

This Washington Post editorial nicely illustrates why it's dangerous to get caught up in a debate about lobbyists, and miss the larger concern about the influence of private money on public policy from which all this debate stems.

Love Lost

Washington's lobbyist brigade is feeling a little unloved - by Sen. John McCain in particular, who has fired several high-level staffers who are lobbyists because of a new conflict of interest policy. Now, despite the big checks big lobbyists have written him, McCain is keeping his distance. Dear lobbyists, welcome to how the rest of the country experiences the political process: outside, looking in.

There is, as they say, a lot of rage from the lobbyists: