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Mitch McConnell More Concerned About Keep His Job Than Creating New Ones for Kentuckians

Washington, D.C.— Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is preparing a “presidential-level” campaign for 2014 and is spending “hours dialing for dollars once the Senate wraps up nightly,” according to his own congressional staff, a sign that Kentucky’s senior Senator is more concerned about keeping his own job than creating new jobs for Kentuckians.

McConnell Breaks Record

Everyone's favorite opponent of Clean Elections just broke a Kentucky fundraising record, reporting $12.2 million in contributions for his Senate re-election bid. And from where is Sen. Mitch McConnell raising such massive sums?

About Speech

Kentucky lawyer Edward Bonnie attacks the "free speech" arguments against public financing of elections in the Courier Journal op-ed. Arguing that Fair and Clean Elections programs promote, rather than limit, speech Bonnie talks up the promise of the Fair Elections Now Act introduced in the Senate while questioning whether we want to continue to have Sen. Mitch McConnell-style elections where money is the yardstick for a candidate's worth.

Strange Contrast

Interesting development: Kentucky state Sen. Damon Thayer (R) has introduced a bill to increase the frequency of campaign finance disclosure reports that candidates must submit in an effort to boost transparency of campaign finances. Incidentally, Thayer is the same Senator who worked to get rid of the public financing program for gubernatorial campaigns that Kentucky had.

His rationale for supporting one measure but not the other is interesting:


What Is McConnell Hiding?

Well, we've tried asking nicely but it hasn't worked so far so today, together with the Sunlight Foundation who have led this from the very beginning, we are taking things up a notch in our effort to get Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to reveal who is holding up a bill that would require Senators to file their campaign finance reports electronically.

McConnell's Deposition

Today, the Sunlight Foundation unveiled and a billboard in Louisville. (Katie will blog more on this later.)


Getting Under McConnell's Skin?

The Courier-Journal in Louisville penned this editorial Friday, the day of McConnell's $2.1 million fundraiser with President Bush, saying Big Money Mitch's "political career has been based on the primacy of money" and this:


He long ago became one of the legendary money grubbers in modern American politics, in order to buy TV time for commercials that demean, disgrace and ultimately defeat his opponents.


Reward your friends, punish your enemies, get indicted

Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R) got indicted for directing “the appointment, promotion, demotion, transfer or dismissal” of staff on the basis of campaign donations and political affiliation.


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