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Tagg Teaming It

Tagg, you're it! The Huffington Post reports that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's son, Tagg, will be hitting up the K Street fundraising curcuit on behalf of his father on Wednesday. The event will feature a mostly under 40 crowd, and will have the added bonus of allowing the elder Romney to jet off to Manhattan for yet more fundraising with Wall Street 1%ers.

Abramoff on 60 Minutes

"Giving a gift to somebody who makes a decision on behalf of the public. At the end of the day, that's what bribery is."

That was corrupt former Washington, D.C. lobbyist, and recent jailbird, Jack Abramoff, in his interview last night on 60 Minutes. He of all people would know, so let's just get it straight from the horse's mouth.

Another Mitt Romney Lobbyist Fundraiser

Republican presidential candidate, former Gov.

For Old Times Sake

The New York Times has a story today on Ralph Reed's "political revival" after being brought down in his 2006 bid for Georgia lieutenant governor due to his ties to disgraced lobbyist, Jack Abramoff. Nothing groundbreaking here, but it does give us an excuse to play this ad by Campaign Money Watch that ran during the 2006 primary election.



Florida Gov. Rick Scott: PBS a "Special Interest," Private Corrections Firm Just Plain Special

The News Hour with Jim Lehrer. The latest Ken Burns Civil War documentary. Sesame Street. According to Gov. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), these programs and the countless others on PBS and NPR represent a "special interest." That's how Scott justified cutting all state funding to public television and radio last week.

Flaglerlive.com reported yesterday on Gov. Scott's veto of that portion of the state budget, noting that he called the action a "rejection of special interests."

How's That "Anti-Washington, D.C. Culture" Thing Working Out For You?

A story in Politico today illustrates perfectly how Washington, D.C. works. With the need to raise huge sums of campaign cash for the next election well underway, the very large freshman class of Republican lawmakers are taking direction from old DC hats and teaming up to raise money by forming joint fundraising committees.

Early Coverage of Yesterday's Wisconsin GOP D.C. Corporate Lobbyist Fundraiser Protest

Yesterday's protest of the Wisconsin Republican corporate lobbyist money grab drew a huge crowd to downtown Washington, D.C. Public Campaign Action Fund, along with a number of other organizations in the area, organized the event that helped send a message that working familes, not corporate campaign cash, should come first.

Here's a round up of the early coverage of the protest:

About that change...

Former Vice President Dick Cheney will be hosting an upcoming fundraiser for Mary Cino, who appears to be prepping for a bid to chair the Republican National Committee. It makes sense he’d be hosting an event for her—she is a former Bush Administration official and longtime Republican Party insider.


Health Care Lobbyists Outnumber Lawmakers

ABCnews.com is reporting today that K Street lobbyists are swarming Capitol Hill, outnumbering members of Congress six to one, as health care reform legislation is being debated in Congress.


"Whenever you have a big piece of legislation like this, it's like ringing the dinner bell for K Street," said Bill Allison, senior fellow at the Sunlight Foundation.


Obama announces ethics rules for transition

President-elect Barack Obama and the new Congress have an ambitious agenda come January. And those industries that donated the $5 billion to 2008 candidates will want to make sure their voices are heard.

On Tuesday, Obama's transition team laid out an ethics plan that should assure some voters on the power of lobbyists in his administration.


From The Hill: