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Nationwide Coverage of Scanlon Plea

The Scanlon plea is headline news across the country with this being a popular headline: "Ex-DeLay aide pleads guilty in corruption case".

On pins and needles

Not discouraged by yesterday's sneaky trip to a Harris County Police Station, the media has crowded outside of a Travis County Courthouse to await the indicted former Majority Leader's arrival, News 8 Austin is reporting.

The Big Buy's Pushback Op-Ed

The Austin American-Statesman runs an op-ed this morning by Mark Birnbaum and Jim Schermbeck, the filmmakers who followed Ronnie Earle for two years as he sought the truth about what happened with TRMPAC, DeLay, his associates and the 2002 election.The movie they produced, The Big Buy, was finished in August, but events in late September (a few indictments) conspired to encourage them to film a new ending.

DeLay Desperation

I'm still scratching my head about this move of DeLay's to try to subpoena Earle and members of the grand jury. Is it all just for the media coverage? It certainly doesn't look like a good legal move, or even a sound one.

Here's more from today's Houston Chronicle:

DeLay's Media Megaphone

The AP reports that indicted former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay is "[s]etting aside his own aversion to the media" as he tries to defend himself in the court of public opinion, the Associated Press reports.

Chat away

Peter Perl of the Washington Post is doing a live chat at -- go read and submit questions.

Ignoring advice

David wrote earlier this morning about DeLay's choice of playing to the jury or playing to the public through the press. Dan Balz at The Washington Post has an interesting take on that...

DeLay Makes the Case - Against Himself

Check out the video that Think Progress has up of DeLay's disastrous Fox News interview last night. If this is his "defense," I'd say he's doomed.

News Round-Up

There's a lot of news out there on the DeLay indictment from all sorts of angles. This, folks, is wall-to-wall saturation media coverage.

The big outlets are doing two, three, four parts of this, or some combo of the following themes: