mortgage industry

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Out of House and Loan

Senators took swift action in the face of the mounting mortgage crisis to provide desperately needed relief to...home manufacturers? Don't suppose this has anything to do with recent threats by the National Association of Home Builders to suspend campaign contributions to members of Congress if they didn't get the legislation they liked.

Spending and Lending

The Politico follows up on the report released last week by Common Cause on the escalation in political spending by mortgage lenders coupled with the rise in questionable lending practices (sub-prime and adjustable rate mortgages) that have hit low income families particularly hard. So, what does the mortgage industry have to say for itself?


(Sub)Priming the Slump

Reports abound of homeowners squeezed by their mortgage companies, and foreclosure signs springing up like weeds as the housing bubble goes "pop." Surprise, surprise: this latest assault on the homeowner was facilitated by the cosy relationship, conceived in checkbook, between mortgage lenders and lawmakers. The Common Cause Education Fund connect the dots (pdf document).