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A Victory in Los Angeles!

The city election results are in for Los Angeles, and voters overwhelmingly approved Measure H, which could pave the way for a more robust Fair Elections-style campaign system. Measure H also bans city contractors from donating or fundraising for city races, striking a blow to the pay-to-play culture.

With a whopping 75 percent backing the measure, this also sends a strong message that people in Los Angeles support honest government and a system of elections that puts voters first.

Albuquerque Tests New System

Already four candidates for Albuquerque City Council plan to run under the new full public financing system passed by ballot initiative in 2005. Two candidates in district two (an incumbent and a challenger), and two in district six plan to use the program in this, the first year it is available. Public financing supporters in New Mexico are excited by this rate of participation and so are we!