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Edwards Reiterates Support

At a campaign stop in Montclair, New Jersey presidential candidate John Edwards (D) reiterated his support for public financing of elections.

From the Montclair Times:

They Want to be Contenders

Now that Governor Corzine has signed the bill re-upping New Jersey's Clean Elections pilot project, the race is on to see which three legislative districts will have a chance to participate. A group of Republican lawmakers are lobbying to have the 12th district included, predicting a competitive race and a good test of the system and it looks like several Democrats from the district are interested as well. Well, we like that kind of enthusiasm.



Clinton Supports Public Financing

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has announced her support for public financing of federal elections on the same day she broke records for first quarter fundraising the presidential race, taking in $26 million. Although she opted out of public financing for her White House bid, she does believe it's the ultimate reform to pursue.


Clean Elections Law in New Jersey!

Our National Campaigns Director, David Donnelly, was fortunate to attend Governor John Corzine's signing of the bill reauthorizing and improving New Jersey's Clean Elections pilot program yesterday, read on for his pictures from the event! Three districts, as yet to be chosen, will have the Clean Elections option available this year.

Win in New Jersey

After a long fight, New Jersey's Senate has voted 23-7 to extend the state's Clean Elections pilot project for 2007. The bill, which passed the state Assembly easily, will next go to Governor Corzine, who is expected to sign it into law. New Jersey first tried this pilot project in 2005 and this year it's been upgraded with feedback from the first go-around. This is an important first step on the road to Clean Elections for all state legislative races, congrats New Jersey!

New Jersey Moving Forward

The New Jersey Assembly has passed legislation to extend the state's Clean Elections pilot program, with some modifications. The effort to expand the pilot program is excellent - hopefully down the road some consideration will be given to extending the Clean Elections program to cover primaries.


Oligarchy Vs. Democracy

This editorial in the Home News Tribune says public financing deserves another shot in New Jersey, and that without further efforts at reform, the "oligarchy" of wealthy influence will prevail over democracy.

Call for More Clean Elections in New Jersey

The editorial in the Asbury Park Press follows up the New Jersey Citizens' Clean Election Commission report that the state's Clean Elections pilot project should be expanded.


It argues that the system is "vital" and to truly combat special interest money it should, with some improvements, be expanded even further than the Commission recommends.

Tuesday Roundup

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on the lawsuit by the Democratic National Committee to obtain records of Ralph Reed's White House visits as part of a larger inquiry into those with close ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Connecticut Passes Full Public Financing of Elections

Here at the Daily DeLay we are used to writing about money and politics and ethics scandals. And no wonder, since Tom DeLay is our subject. Sometimes we write about other scandals, too, like Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham's recent resignation after pleading guilty on bribery charges from campaign donors, or lobbyist Jack Abramoff's shenanigans with Indian tribes, or Sen. Bill Frist's curious choices about when he decides to sell health care stock.