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PCAF Launches Ad in New York Criticizing Gov. Cuomo's Failure on Reform

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's failure to pass a comprehensive public financing system for state elections is the focus of a television ad Public Campaign Action Fund began airing on Saturday in the Buffalo and Syracuse media markets. The ad, "Plant," will run for 9 days on network and cable channels.

NEW TV AD IN NEW YORK: It's time for action, Gov. Cuomo

Public Campaign Action Fund is up with a new TV ad in New York today that calls on Gov. Cuomo to take action to pass the Fair Elections proposal that is currently being negotiated in the budget. Gov. Cuomo has given speeches on the need to clean up Albany with Fair Elections reform, but it's time to turn the rhetoric into action.

Check out the ad:


Big News in New York: Gov. Cuomo's budget proposal includes Fair Elections

Yesterday Gov. Cuomo announced his 2014 budget proposal, and it includes publicly financed Fair Elections. This is a major step for Cuomo, and puts the campaign in great position to win in the state. And after decades of passing Fair Elections bills, the state Assembly has recommitted their support. But there's still a roadblock.

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Establishes Anti-Corruption Commission

Public Campaign Action Fund applauds the strong action taken by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today in naming a Moreland Commission to probe campaign finance-related corruption in the legislature.

Major National Donors to Cuomo: Lead On Public Financing of Elections!

The New York Times reports this morning on a letter sent to Gov. Andrew Cuomo from about 140 major national donors urging him to push for small donor-based public financing of state elections this year. The message from this letter is clear: words aren't enough; it's time for Gov. Cuomo to lead on this issue.

From the article:

New Poll: New Yorkers Overwhelmingly Support Fair Elections Reform

New York voters strongly support legislative efforts to reduce corruption and raise the voices of everyday people in the political process, according to new polling released today by New York Friends of Democracy and the Fair Elections for New York campaign.

NYT: Public Financing Required to Fight Corruption

The New York Times is out with an editorial today on what reform in Albany must look like in the wake of yet another wave or corruption in New York politics. It's simple: changing Albany and fighting corruption requires public financing of elections.

New Ad Campaign Launches in New York

Public Campaign Action Fund joined with Citizen Action of New York and NY Friends of Democracy in launching a new advertising campaign today in New York that includes a statewide television ad, online advertising, and direct mail targeting specific state lawmakers.

Today's New York Times story on the launch:

Organizing for Action Joins New York Fair Elections Campaign

The campaign for Fair Elections in New York got a big boost this week when Organizing for Action (OFA), the reconfigured Obama for America campaign, announced it would join the Fair Elections for New York coalition in pushing to pass comprehensive campaign reform in the state this year.

Cuomo to Activists: Fair Elections “one of the most important issues to complete”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke on a telephone town hall last night with about 1,350 grassroots activists, signaling his strong support for campaign finance reform, saying "Campaign finance is a way to tell the people of this state and this country: It's your government. You own it. Literally." The Governor called campaign finance reform “one of the most important issues to complete” in the rest of New York’s legislative session this year.