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NYT: Public Financing Required to Fight Corruption

The New York Times is out with an editorial today on what reform in Albany must look like in the wake of yet another wave or corruption in New York politics. It's simple: changing Albany and fighting corruption requires public financing of elections.

New Ad Campaign Launches in New York

Public Campaign Action Fund joined with Citizen Action of New York and NY Friends of Democracy in launching a new advertising campaign today in New York that includes a statewide television ad, online advertising, and direct mail targeting specific state lawmakers.

Today's New York Times story on the launch:

Organizing for Action Joins New York Fair Elections Campaign

The campaign for Fair Elections in New York got a big boost this week when Organizing for Action (OFA), the reconfigured Obama for America campaign, announced it would join the Fair Elections for New York coalition in pushing to pass comprehensive campaign reform in the state this year.

Cuomo to Activists: Fair Elections “one of the most important issues to complete”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke on a telephone town hall last night with about 1,350 grassroots activists, signaling his strong support for campaign finance reform, saying "Campaign finance is a way to tell the people of this state and this country: It's your government. You own it. Literally." The Governor called campaign finance reform “one of the most important issues to complete” in the rest of New York’s legislative session this year.

How April In New York Can Change The Country

Public Campaign Action Fund board member Zephyr Teachout had this piece in the Huffington Post last night, which discusses how the campaign to bring Fair Elections to New York State can change the big money landscape all over the country.

News Roundup: Cecilia Tkaczyk's Victory in New York

Two months after Election Day the votes have finally been counted and Democrat Cecelia Tkaczyk will become the new State Senator from the 46th district in New York. She won by 19 votes in a district that was specifically created to elect Republican Assemblyman George Amedore. The campaign turned on the issue of money-in-politics—making this win an important one in the fight to pass Fair Elections in New York State.

BREAKING NY NEWS: Strong Fair Elections Supporter Prevails in Critical State Senate Race

This morning Fair Elections supporter Cecilia Tkaczyk officially became the newest state senator in New York, after all the votes were finally counted. Cecilia Tkaczyk's victory is a major boost to the campaign for publicly financed Fair Elections in New York. 

PRESS RELEASE: New York Gov. Cuomo Calls For New York City-style Public Financing Of Elections For State

In his State of the State address yesterday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo pledged his support for the legislature to pass publicly financed Fair Elections legislation to curb the influence of big money in New York politics.

Cuomo in his SoS: "...we need to implement a public finance system like in New York City. It works well there, and it will work well for the state too.“

Sam Waterston Joins Fight for Fair Elections in New York

Public Campaign, along with allies in New York and national partners, have enlisted the support of famous Law & Order actor Sam Waterston for the campaign to bring Fair Elections reform to the state. Waterston appeared in a video where he makes the case for Fair Elections and urges New Yorkers to contact their lawmakers to back the long-overdue measure. 

New York Attorney General Launches Probe Into Contributions To Tax Exempt Groups

The New York Times reports today on New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's launch of an investigation into contributions made to tax exempt groups that are heavily involved in political campaigns. The story notes that reform groups have pushed the FEC and the IRS for years to take action, to no avail.