New York

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Bopp Backwards

I could scratch my head until I hit grey matter and I still wouldn't understand this one. James Bopp Jr., a lawyer with a history of challenging campaign finance limits, has filed suit alleging that New York City's new limits on donations from industries that do business with the city is discriminatory against...minority candidates. Points for creativity, Mr. Bopp, but the logic leaves something to be desired.

Accountability in Albany

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle isn't pleased that the high cost of campaigning and resultant concentration of power among the small percentage of the population who can make significant campaign contributions. The paper urges Eliot Spitzer to continue in his efforts at a more transparent government, and to support Clean Elections public financing for state races.

Weekend Reading

Support for full public financing of elections graced a few editorial pages over the weekend with the Des Moines Register and the Syracuse Post-Standard both running letters to the editor in support of state and federal level Clean Elections-style proposals. Thanks to Susan West and G.T. Gerrard, respectively, for submitting those letters!

Clean Elections Event in New York

New Yorkers, where will you be on September 17th? At a Clean Elections event hosted by the Drum Major Institute of course! Find out more about this free event, hosted at the Harvard Club from 8AM to 10AM, here and be sure to RSVP.

System Failures

The Albany Times Union gives New York Governor Eliot Spitzer a bit of a slap upside the head for the way he's handling a contract for who will run the state's racetracks -- and all four competitors have donated to his campaign.

Running Out the Clock

Is the New York legislature dragging its feet on campaign finance reform as the legislative session draws to a close? Governor Spitzer and his Democratic allies have announced that reform is a priority, but Republican leaders don't feel the same way. Contentious debate between Republicans and Spitzer on capping campaign contributions and limiting the donation activities of limited liability corporations (LLCs) has both sides riled up -- compromise isn't likely.

Public Financing Where It Counts

Nothing glazes the eyes like a treatise on campaign finance reform -- those three words calculated to enliven exactly no one -- so Dorothy Borgus and Neil Jaschik are right to use this editorial in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle to go beyond the nuts and bolts of policy to a list of concerns facing New Yorkers tied directly to the way elections are financed in their pitch for full public financing.

Appearance of Impropriety

Another day, another fishy relationship between campaign cash and lucrative favors. This time, it's a Suffolk, New York father giving $1.4 million in business contracts to his son's campaign donors.

Gov. Spitzer Supports Public Financing

In his "State of the State" address today, newly elected New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (D) outlined his plans to clean up Albany and improve the state's campaign finance goals, with the ultimate goal being full public financing of elections. Read the statement from our sister organization, Public Campaign, on Spitzer's annoucement here.


Setting the Bar

Newsday praises New York Govenor-elect Eliot Spitzer today for the steps he's already taken and plans to take to clean up Albany and bring greater transparency to the business of legislating and campaiging. They weigh in with a few further suggestiions for Spitzer, which include an ethusiastic endorsement of full public financing of elections.