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OP-ED: Former Sen. Simpson Decries Special Interest Influence, Calls for Fair Elections

Former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.) has an op-ed today in Politico that bemoans the heavy influence wealthy special interests have in distorting our elections and policymaking, and once again calls for the Fair Elections Now Act as a remedy.

"Today, it is those well-funded, but narrowly construed, special interests that provide the lion’s share of campaign funds — and exercise undue influence in tax and spending matters as a result."

Class of 2010 Motto?: Dance With the Ones Who Brung Ya

It seems that when the class of 2010 lawmakers aren't busy following the advise of longtime members of Congress on the need to raise huge amounts of campaign cash, they're "hard at work" paying back campaign contributors from the last election. Politico reports today that many freshman are fine-tuning the ancient D.C. craft of passing legislation tailored specifically toward their big money campaign donors.

How's That "Anti-Washington, D.C. Culture" Thing Working Out For You?

A story in Politico today illustrates perfectly how Washington, D.C. works. With the need to raise huge sums of campaign cash for the next election well underway, the very large freshman class of Republican lawmakers are taking direction from old DC hats and teaming up to raise money by forming joint fundraising committees.

Revolving door: Next up, Speaker-elect Boehner

Politico reports today that Speaker-elect John Boehner (R-Ohio) has hired the medical device industry’s chief lobbyist as his policy director. The new hire, Brett Loper, was a major player in opposing health care reform. 

Campaign for Fair Elections Video "Where's John Boehner" Named One of Summer's Best Political Ad's

Politico has named the Fair Elections ad "Where's John Boehner to the

Poll Shows Citizens United ruling has added to voter anger with Washington

Politico has a story today on a recent poll commissioned by Common Cause, Change Congress and Public Campaign Action Fund that shows that voters believe special interests run the show in Washington. The survey also showed voters strongly favor revamping the campaign finance system with the Fair Elections Now Act.