Proposition 89

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The Voting Class

Steven Hill writes in The San Francisco Chronicle about growing voter disenfranchisement and apathy in California and what can be done about it. In doing so, he says efforts to win full public financing should be abandoned - pointing to the loss of Proposition 89, the Clean Elections ballot initiative, in 2006. But if most eligible adults aren't voting, can you point to an electoral loss as evidence against pursuing full public financing?


Prop 89 on the Road

With just a week to go until Election Day the Yes on 89! team is taking a road trip to the campaign offices of some of the most corrupt politicians in California to stress the imporance of voting yes for Clean Elections in California.


Opportunity is Knocking

Two guest pieces today, one in the ContraCosta Times, the other in the Napa Valley Register urge voters to make sure Proposition 89, the Clean Elections initiative, does not get lost in the shuffle leading to election day.

Statement on Angelides

Public Campaign Action Fund has released a statement on California Gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides' endorsement of Proposition 89, the Clean Money and Fair Elections Initiative.


Here's what Angelides said about Proposition 89: