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NEW TV AD IN NEW YORK: It's time for action, Gov. Cuomo

Public Campaign Action Fund is up with a new TV ad in New York today that calls on Gov. Cuomo to take action to pass the Fair Elections proposal that is currently being negotiated in the budget. Gov. Cuomo has given speeches on the need to clean up Albany with Fair Elections reform, but it's time to turn the rhetoric into action.

Check out the ad:


NEW BATTLEGROUND POLL: Money-in-Politics One Issue That Transcends Partisan Divide

New polling released yesterday by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (for Democracy Corps) and Public Campaign Action Fund shows that concern over the influence of money-in-politics is one of the few areas with the power to breakthrough the otherwise divisive national conversation in top battleground districts.

Bill Moyers Highlights Protest Against Rove

In a segment last Friday about the “cowardly lions of ‘free speech,’” Bill Moyers featured a recent protest led by Public Campaign Action Fund—along with Campaign for America's Future, Rebuild the Dream, People for the American Way, The Other 98%, Health Care for America Now, Common Cause, Alliance for Justice, Public Citizen, SEIU, and other groups—against the anti-democracy Karl Rove secret money machine.

Arizona Clean Elections Foe Targeted in Mailer for Taking Tainted Contributions

Facing a recall election, Arizona state Senate President Russell Pearce (R) is being targeted by Public Campaign Action Fund with a political mailer for accepting trips and contributions from an organization accused of illegal behavior.

Occupy Democracy

Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF) issued a statement today on the growing Occupy Wall Street movement, which is now spreading all over the country.

Major Effort to Expose Problem of Corporate Money in Politics Taking Hold

The Washington Post reports that an effort, led by Public Campaign Action Fund, to expose the huge problem of big corporate money in politics is going full steam ahead. Buoyed by the fights in Wisconsin and Ohio (and other parts of the country), the message that corporate interests are negatively impacting middle class America is taking hold, and could be a major issue in the coming 2012 elections.

NEW PCAF REPORT: Wall Street Money or Tea Party Energy?

Public Campaign Action Fund released a report today detailing the campaign contributions winning Tea Party candidates received from Wall Street interests in the 2010 election cycle. These 52 candidates, identified by ABC News as “Tea Party Winners, received at least $11.1 million from the finance, insurance, and real estate sector in the 2010 cycle. 

PRESS RELEASE: New Majority Shows Signs of Business-as-Usual in Washington, D.C.

Public Campaign Action Fund issued a press release today on how the newly-elected majority in the House is fully embracing the big money special interest culture in the Capitol. Politico reported this morning on the controversal decision by incoming Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) to hold a $2500-a-plate fundraiser at the posh W Hotel with singer LeAnn Rimes.

PRESS RELEASE: New research highlights Rep. Tom Price’s ties to financial services industry

Public Campaign Action Fund issued a press release today highlighting Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), who opposed financial reform legislation after receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Wall Street executives and financial interests.


PRESS RELEASE: McConnell defends speech rights of corrupt foreign company

Public Campaign Action Fund issued a press release today on the recent guilty plea to bribery by BAE Systems, a foreign-based company that has given heavily to Sen. Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) campaigns and received millions in earmarks.