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GOP Platform 2012: Repeal McCain-Feingold, Oppose Disclosure

In an interview over the weekend, attorney and Republican National Committee member Jim Bopp told the Indianapolis Star that the 2012 platform calls for the repeal of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (also known as McCain-Feingold) and opposes the DISCLOSE Act.

From the story:

House GOP Seeks Days of Wall Street Yore, With Eye on Campaign Cash Future

"Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee are having a campaign fundraiser this week," says the New York Times editorial today. Not literally; that wouldn't be unusual.

Reading Between the Lines

Another day, another NYT story on the Congressional impasse on energy policy that could benefit from the addition of some money-and-politics annotation. I added the brackets.


EPA Official Attended GOP Fundraiser

When Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Stephen Johnson came to Denver two and half weeks ago, how did he spend his time? At a Republican fundraiser featuring representatives of the very industries his agency regulates, including El Paso Natural Gas, theColorado Mining Association, and the Colorado Petroleum Association, reports the Denver Post.


And a shot of DeLay

Hanging out with Trent Lott. Lots in common there.

Who else will dare to be seen with him?

UPDATE: Yes, that's a sip of Bacardi, with vodka -- he was smiling!

DeLay's Home Sweet Home

You gotta love it if you're Tom DeLay and a GOP precinct chairman from your home district gives you this ringing endorsement:

Wade Webster, a Republican precinct chairman in Clear Lake, said he thought the party would stand behind Mr. DeLay, for now.

"It's going to be tougher, yes, with all the bad publicity and the innuendos and what-not," he said. "Until something more definitive comes out, I'm supporting him. But I retain the option to change my mind."

More Breaking News: Bass and Flake circulating letter for new leadership election

It's crisis time in the Republican House.

Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Charlie Bass (R-NH) are circulating a letter calling for new leadership elections. They need 50 to force an election.

I'll give more details when I get them.

UDPATE: Roll Call has the story, courtesy of FiredUpAmerica.

UPDATE 2: There's an easier way: DeLay ought to resign.