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Want your member of Congress to know what you think of DeLay?

Yesterday's AP article and this morning's story about DeLay-pal lobbyist Jack Abramoff possibly reaching a plea agreement soon, raises the question once again:

Isn't it time that Tom DeLay should just resign from Congress?

Ask your member of Congress this question.

BREAKING: Judge upholds money laundering charge against DeLay; DeLay to go to trial

Judge Pat Priest just upheld the money laundering charge against former Majority leader Tom DeLay. He threw out the conspiracy charge. DeLay, it seems, dodged one bullet, but is heading to trial anyway. Let's see how they spin this one.

It's time for DeLay to resign, and for your representative to demand that he step down.

Here's the AP story.

More trouble for DeLay, in-district version

SurveyUSA has another in their series of tracking polls. DeLay's grandstanding regarding his legal troubles is not helping: 42% of his constitutents want him to resign from Congress. A plurality (27%) would grade him an F.

From Political Wire.

Arrest Warrant

Update: Do you want to pre-order a t-shirt with DeLay's mug shot, i

Poll: 40% of DeLay's Constituents Want Him to Resign

This new survey from SurveyUSA has the goods:

40% of DeLay's constituents think he ought to step down from Congress.

It's what Public Campaign Action Fund has called on DeLay to do for months.

DeLay Detritus: Monday News Round-up

On TV...
Indicted former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay was busy over the weekend, defending his honor on Fox News Sunday, predicting this would "be over very, very soon," and spewing venom about a "vast left-wing conspriacy."

Republican Connecticut Congressman Chris Shays said on CNN's Late Edition yesterday that the GOP should not return DeLay to leadership.

Update on petition demanding DeLay's resignation from Congress

The indicted DeLay had to step down as Majority Leader. But we think he ought to resign from Congress. We launched a petition to force him to resign, and we just crossed 37,000 citizens. Help us reach 40,000 signatures. Sign today!

We're also building a response fund. You can make a donation here to hold DeLay and his allies in Congress accountable.

Manchester Union-Leader: BOOT DELAY

The conservative Manchester Union-Leader/New Hampshire Sunday News editorialized today that former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is bad for the Republican party and must leave office.

They argue that whether or not the indictment has merit, DeLay's argument that Earle is playing politics simply doesn't pass muster.

CNN on-line poll: Should DeLay resign from Congress?

Scroll down, on the right. As of now, 77% yes, 23% now. Express your own opinion.

PCAF Statement on DeLay Indictment


Calls on DeLay to resign from Congress; Leaving leadership does not go far enough