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Happy Birthday, Tom DeLay!

Anyone have any best wishes for the Majority Leader today for his 58th birthday? Click on "comments" below and leave your message!

I'll start off: May your retirement be longer, and start earlier, than you planned.

UPDATE: We're nearing 25,000 citizens demanding Tom DeLay resign. Maybe that's a good present! If you haven't signed, do it as a birthday wish to Mr. DeLay.

ABC News does DeLay, too

Last night, reporter Brian Ross of ABC News got into the act with an investigative story on a trip Tom DeLay took to the Northern Marianas Islands with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. DeLay returned the favor by killing legislation to improve worker conditions and pay on the island, a US commonwealth which has an exemption from many labor laws, including the minimum wage.

Open Letter to Congress

Today, Public Campaign Action Fund sent this letter to every Member of Congress:

April 6, 2005

Dear Member of Congress:

Today two major newspapers report two more scandals swirling around House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. His scandals distract Congress from the important work before you. We urge you to ask Tom DeLay to step down from Congress so that you can concentrate on the job you came to Washington to do.

National Call-In Day

The Washington Post and the New York Times unearth two new scandals this morning, one about a trip paid for by a mysterious, shady business in the Bahamas to Russia, and the other about $500,000 DeLay's campaign and political committees have forked over to his relatives. It's past time for him to resign. Republican Members of Congress should be embarrassed he's their Leader. Here's what we need to do:

No mincing words: "disgrace to his party and to the Congress" and "remove him"

The Ledger, of Lakeland, Florida:

DeLay is a disgrace to his party and to the Congress. If he doesn't resign his leadership position, members of the House Republican caucus should remove him.

Dallas Morning News: DeLay's Troubles

Not to be out-done, DMN gets into the DeLay mess with an editorial, too. After outlining all of DeLay's troubles, they end with this:

House Republicans should be asking themselves whether they really want to stake their careers defending the folly of a politician who, despite all he has done for the Republican cause, has forgotten where he came from.

Tom DeLay: "Bring it on"

In response to our ads and ads by Campaign for America's Future criticizing DeLay for his corruption and unethical tenure in Congress (which we think should end, now), Tom DeLay had three words for us all:

"Bring it on."

No joking. Can't imagine Republican colleagues around the country are happy about that.

So, folks, here's how to bring it on:

Hot off the presses

The stories are rolling in from this morning's press conference announcing Public Campaign Action Fund's launch of ads criticizing Tom DeLay.

The Associated Press explains how Public Campaign Action Fund chose Republican targets:

Ad Campaign Launched

The "virtual" room was packed at this morning's telephone press conference announcing Public Campaign Action Fund's and Campaign for America's Future's ad launch criticizing Tom DeLay. More than 30 reporters were on the call, representing mainstream outlets such as CNN, NBC, Fox News, the Associated Press, Reuters, and the National Journal. Stay tuned for coverage.

More reflection on WSJ editorial

The Wall Street Journal editorial below stops a hair's breadth short of calling on DeLay to step down.